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peHUB Second Opinion 4.20

Totally OK With This: Obama Administration’s answer to “Chooch-gate.” (CNN)

Daniel Gross Asks: What’s with all of this “green shoots” talk and does it mean anything? (Slate)

Slighted: Financial journalists were given the short stick in Pulitzer-land, after spending a year covering the biggest story of many of their careers. (Clusterstock) Felix Salmon has a few theories as to why. (Reuters)

Changing The Way We Raise Funds: As a result of this NY Kickback Scandal mess, Carlyle Group is ditching placement agents for future fundraising efforts. (FT) Sounds like a familiar idea… (peHUB)

Leak Is A Hoax: Did a fake leak really cause the stock drop today? (Market Movers)

Surprise Surprise: NY Post is reporting that CNBC anchors were “censored” in their reporting on the teabag protests. (NY Post, Talking Points Memo)

Bummer: Just in case you thought General Growth’s Chapter 11 might mean the South Street Seaport can go back to being, well, anything but the horrific tourist trap shopping mall that it is, you thought wrong, unfortunately. (Cityfile)

News Corp: Is it way, way undervalued? (Breakingviews)

Barack Obama: Activist Investor. (BusinessWeek)

Signs: Everyone (read: bankers)’s hungry for signs that the heyday of M&A will come back. Dealscape says deal scoops are one sign. (Dealscape)