peHUB Second Opinion 4.21

Excuses, Excuses: Here’s why Maria Bartiromo, someone with access to the top banking execs in the world, doesn’t ask the hard questions (keeping that access being reason number one…). (Business Insider)

List: Three questions for Entreprenuers (HBR)

Acquisition Opportunity? I know you guys are sick of old media and all, but Disney may be ready to unload ABC once and for all. Anyone tempted? (MarketWatch)

Follow-Ups: The FT echoes what we reported yesterday: Secondary buyouts are booming in the UK, too. (FT)

Diss! Bill Gates thinks the iPad is “just OK.” (BI)

Don’t Waste What’s Left of This Crisis: As companies begin to grow their way out of recession, they face surprising short-term opportunities to prepare for a competitive future. (BusinessWeek)

Instant Heart Attack? I’ve clearly been following the development of the Double Down with great interest (have yet to try it though). Here, Consumerist finds five fast food menu items with more calories than the Double Down, several of which are SALADS! However, I’d like to mention that I actually don’t believe that the double down is only 32 grams of fat and 540 calories. (Consumerist)

Unlocking that Door: Are workplace friendships the key to happiness? (Forbes)