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peHUB Second Opinion 4.21

Monday, Monday: Merger Mondays are back! Maybe! Yesterday was arguably the best day for M&A this year. (Dealzone)

Google Me: Thanks to Google profiles, you can now have more control over what comes up when someone Googles you. Good news for job hunters. (Mashable)

New Fund On The Block: August Capital is backing StumbleUpon’s founders in their deal to buy back the company from eBay with its new “balanced-stage” fund. (Dealscape)

Don’t Blame Leverage: More regulators would have made the financial crisis worse. (Clusterstock)

Is There Hope For Private Equity? David N. Roberts of Angelo Gordon makes the argument for specialization, rather than a jack-of-all trades who is mediocre at most of them. (Forbes)

Blowing Up: Hedge Fund withdrawals aren’t slowing down anytime soon. (Dealbook)

And By The Way: As of 5:15 p.m., the ad on the Dealbook link above is for Snuggie. Either the Times is getting desperate for ads or Snuggie is doing much better than most fad discretionary consumer products companies are, recession-wise. (It’s a Blanket With Sleeves)

Reverse Psychology: Why Bankers Would Rather Work for $0 Than $500K. (BusinessWeek)