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peHUB Second Opinion 4.22

EuroFresh: The rotten tomato company went bankrupt finally last week, and Dealzone has an interesting take on the company’s downfall: Did the crackdown in illegal workers cost Apollo $76.5 million? (Dealzone)

Obviously the News Of The Day for Private Equity: The Journal’s take on the placement agent ban. (WSJ)

Just In Case They Make A Madoff Movie: The Daily Beast has laid out a potential cast. (Daily Beast)

Not Just Pre-MBA Associates Going Back to School: It’s also Wall Street’s leaders, going back to teach. Despite the “hard work for little pay,” Cityfile calls getting summers off a tie.

In Asia: Private Equity firms are grappling with bad investments. (WSJ)

Exactly How I Feel: The New York Times writes, does anyone listen to voicemail anymore? Apparently, texting, email, instant messaging, etc, can make people “voice-mail phobic.” I know I put it off until I absolutely have to. Yet I leave tons of them. Time to rethink my reporting strategy… (NY Times)

How to Sell Your Business In This Environment: I’m a week late seeing this, but it’s a good read for have-to-sell sellers. (CNN)

What’s an Empty Creditor? A lender that would rather your company go bankrupt than work it out. Slate has why.

In Depth: A look at LP defaults. (The Deal)

Guys Lay Off The Testosterone: The Recession is fueling worries of workplace violence. (Reuters)