peHUB Second Opinion 4.26

Deal Spec: Dow Jones Investment Banker of deal rumors-what makes sense, and what is nonsense. (DJ)

Delicate Balance: The economic crisis has revived the old debate about whether firms should focus most on their shareholders, their customers or their workers. (Economist)

Summer Reading List: The B-School Edition: Take a look at what B-schoolers will be reading poolside for enlightenment and entertainment. (Businessweek)

New Mezz: Is mezzanine the answer for entreprenuers? (Private Equiteer)

Investors’ love-hate relationship with Wall Street: The post-dot com bubble backlash gave us knew regulations, but had little impact on Wall Street’s business. (New Yorker) And also: The Economist covers the financial reform developments with Synthetic/Derivative.

Lowbrow: The most popular story on today has the headline “Police barred from penis enlargement.”

Nice Girls Finish Last: How strongly is pay linked to productivity? (Economix)