peHUB Second Opinion 4.27

Bad Boss: Authoritarians in Finance (FINS)

Big Freaking Surprise: Look! Here are four shocking new behaviors that are “linked to” (but not the cause of?) premature death. (BusinessWeek)

I Needed This: Your Mom’s Guide to Facebook changes, and how to block them. (GigaOm)

PS I know the date is old on this article, but I accessed it via my BusinessWeek “Most Popular” feed. Interesting that BusinessWeek’s most popular stories are the ones it syndicates.

Best Video I’ve Seen Today: Huffington Post has compiled five minutes worth of metaphors used by news commentators on the Goldman Sachs Fraud case. It covers everything from tainted meat and castration to antique cars and casinos.

Yeesh: The stars came out to save Hollywood’s famed “Hollywood” sign, because apparently the land around it wasn’t protected by the state and was about to be obscured by real estate development. To that I say, what? California is relying on rich celebrities to save its landmarks now? I can’t believe the state didn’t own that land already. (WSJ)

Feeling the adrenaline of Wall Street: How John Buffalo Mailer prepared for his role in Wall Street 2, a movie that had better be worth the very, very delayed gratification considering we have another 4 months until it comes out. (Big Think)

Via Wall Street Folly, an interview with Bill Ackman, who comes out in defense of Goldman Sachs: