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peHUB Second Opinion 4.28

Lotta India News Today: Apparently Henry Kravis was there chatting with some reporters. He said KKR would invest cautiously. (NY Times). Meanwhile, The Business Standard says PE firms in the country prefer to be minority shareholders. (Business Standard) Also, India’s MBAs face a tough job market. (BW)

Speaking of MBAs: Here’s another one from the intrepid BusinessWeek reporters on “The MBA Support System.”  (BW) If that system doesn’t help, try our Desperate Internship Rodeo.

And Don’t Worry: Because even those that have jobs are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they get paid. Financial News outlines the Goldman bonus cuts. (FN)

On That Note: Dealbook asks if Wall Street’s pay is falling like a pet rock. (DB)

Felix Salmon: When countries go to zero. (Reuters)

Sorry, But Sports Teams Buyouts Are Bad: There’s a SPAC interested in buying the Florida Panthers. (It’s a hockey team.) (Dealscape)

Best Worst: VC Returns Still Beat Equities. (Financial News)

And For The Bloggers Out There: Does Blogging Enable Market Manipulation? (Dash of Insight) And Also, FT Alphaville takes issue with the Journal’s faulty blog salary figures. (FT Alphaville) PS. What does Tina Brown think of Business Journalism? (Clusterstock)

Twits: The SEC is on Twitter. (SEC)

Carlyle: Sees ops in TARP. (Reuters)