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peHUB Second Opinion 4.3

Signs: Things are so bad that lenders are ignoring defaults? (Economic Trend Analysis)

Give Me One Reason: Why we should treat Detroit more harshly than Wall Street. (Breakingviews via Abnormal Returns)

HEY! The Depression is over! Because Jim Cramer says so! (Cityfile)

Happy To Know: Polaroids will live on under the umbrella of a private equity firm (after another failed to save it from a second bankruptcy). (Boston Business Journal)

How Did Ontario Teachers Plan Do? It’s alternatives portfolio “returned -12.7% compared to a benchmark return of -19.3%, adding $137 million in value.” More analysis at Naked Capitalism.

According to Scott: There are three types of venture capitalists. (ScottDig)

MBAs Go Micro: “With big-ticket jobs scarce, B-schools advise grads to think small-as in small business.” (BusinessWeek)

PE’s New Tax Loophole: When one loophole (carry) closes, another opens? (Mergers Unleashed) (Sidenote, since when were mergers so wild an unruly much that they required a leash, which would call for the good folks at this website to unleash them? Curious…)

On PPIP: Looks like the banks themselves could use bailout money to buy up toxic assets (unclear if that includes PPIP). (Reuters) Meanwhile, Felix Salmon asks, ‘Will the banks just end up selling to each other?’ (Reuters)

Blogspiration: Possibly inspired by this Zero Hedge post from last week, Bloomberg discusses the losses suffered by CalPERS on Apollo investments. (Bloomberg)

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain: RBS Asked its investors to stop focusing on the firm’s mistakes and focus on “the good and enduring people and businesses of RBS.” (Dealbook)

$10,000 a Month: For Madoff’s brother to live on, related to a lawsuit that accuses him of swindling a college student. Wow. (AP Business)