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peHUB Second Opinion 4.30

Another Side of the Pay For Play Scandals: Six degrees of how “toxic waste” lands in teachers’ retirement funds. (Talking Points Memo)

No AriZona? Recent mentions of Patriarch Partners’ Lynn Tilton in the press in her battle to win Polaroid have sparked new debates in her ownership of AriZona Iced Tea. Namely, does she own 2%, or does she not? (NY Post)

Compensating: Moody’s is being too negative. (Business Insider)

NVCA: Recommendations for that IPO revival.  (Boston Globe)

When In Doubt, Spin It Out: “Their owners don’t want them, but no other company seems ready to buy them for enough money to prevent further embarrassment to their parents’ management.” (Bits)

Spec: Certain private equity companies are gearing up for an IPO revival. (American Chronical)

How Does A Magazine Grieve: Portfolio parties. (Daily Intel)

Stupid Interview Questions: We all know ‘em, brush up on how to answer ‘em. (Business Week)

Hulu: Hulu is bigger than Yahoo, and Disney bought a stake in it. (WSJ)

Make Your Reservations: So, uh, it seems the Internet is almost full. (Times Online)