peHUB Second Opinion

Police in Canada have made their first Heartbleed-related arrest.

Google’s first quarter revenue misses Wall Street expectations.

Mike Rothenberg, of Rothenberg Ventures, thinks Fred Wilson is wrong. It’s great to be a young VC.

Study finds that about 38% of the roughly 781 million games on Steam haven’t been used.

The rise and fall of AOL instant messenger. AOL management refused to accept that free was the future of AIM.

Kim Dotcom may get his assets, including cars, cash and other property that were seized, back.

Study of 146 undergraduates finds that someone’s Facebook profile is a significant predictor of their job performance.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology plans to compare the value of expensive oncology drugs.

The SAT will be using real-world questions and not those obscure vocab tests.

NYAG has subpoenaed a half dozen high-frequency trading firms like Jump Trading and Chopper Trading.

AC/DC confirms that Malcolm Young is very sick.

Today in history: The hallucinogenic effects of LSD were discovered.

Photo courtesy of Reuters