peHUB Second Opinion 1.29

Physical Toll: Hank Paulson’s Valley of the Dolls Moment (Daily Intel)

Tweet of the Day: “Rich Bressler of THL was refreshingly candid about perhaps paying too much for ClearChannel.” (Twitter)

More Davos: PE deals are picking up, says CD&R’s Gogel. (BusinessWeek)

The Challenges of Time for Start-Ups: In the world of start-ups, capital efficiency is a factor in determining how much entrepreneurs and investors realize on their invested time and capital. (Dealbook)

Wow: It’s a day of bold calls all around. First Bain and KKR executive an egregious dividend recap on HCA, then IDD names Goldman Sachs its bank of the year? Really? I mean, its possible that there were no other less reviled yet profitable candidates, though I can think of a few (JPMorgan perhaps? Deutche Bank? HDBC maybe? UBS?)… Maybe this tone-deaf choice had something to do with the fact that Blankfien actually agreed to do an interview with the publication… (IDD)

World of Connections: A special report on social networking.  (Economist via Abnormal Returns)

Deal Volume: Thought M&A volume was maybe slightly improving? Not yet… (Deal Journal)

Davos Exercises: How would the world’s top investment managers put $1bn to work in PE? (Alt Assets)

Expecting a Goldman Take-Private? It’s not likely. (CNN)

Just for Fun: How to report the news. Ha ha. (

The Vlocker Rules: The Economist’s take: “In terms of risk management, this seems a rather odd distinction.” (Economist)