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Twenty jokes that intellectuals will understand.

Amazon same-day delivery is available in San Francisco, Phoenix and some other cities.

This is so cool. New York City wants to use its aging pay phone infrastructure to build a citywide WiFi network. 

Here are photos of Amazon’s new smartphone.

Zenimax Media is claiming that John Carmack allegedly stole intellectual property and took it with him to Oculus VR.

AT&T is considering buying DirecTV.

Apple didn’t buy Wifarer but its CEO and founder Philip Stanger now works there in a “leadership role.”

Snapchat has hired Google’s Jad Boutros as its director of information security.

Ronan Farrow uses contacts to make his eyes bluer.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used a state-owned helicopter every 3 days last year. It costs $2,500 an hour.