peHUB Second Opinion 4.6

IPO Chatter: It’s back. But is it just chatter? Just because more companies want to go public, and there’s one well-received IPO on the books, doesn’t mean all the signs of a revival are there. (WSJ)

Bank Meltdown Tours: One enterprising former banker is taking advantage of the crisis. “Instead of leaving Wall Street, Luan … has launched a financial meltdown tour, guiding packs of mostly European tourists around the epicenter of the collapse-and explaining his own role in the crisis along the way.” (Big Money)

Breaking Ground: Can private equity play the infrastructure game? (The Deal)

Yikes: What can happen when you lend or buy the debt in your own portfolio companies. (Reuters Columnist Margaret Doyle)

Rupert Murdock: Says Google and Yahoo are copyright thieves for aggregating and providing an outlet for news. Fred Wilson disagrees. (A VC)

Fuld Back In The Fold: Former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld has a new job. (WSJ)

Vanity Deals: The parent company of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars, owned by Tom Hicks, is in default of $525 million worth of loans. (AP)

News Lite: Last week Connie asked if investment success had to do with what season we were born in. Now the Journal tells us it has to do with our DNA. (WSJ)

Well: We knew Apollo was early on the distressed debt market. But did we know the firm brought CalPERS down with it? (Bloomberg)

Scott Sperling of THL Partners on CNBC this morning: