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peHUB Second Opinion 5.7

Women CEOs: Ten women who should be big company CEOs. The list includes one PE pro, Jenny Ming of Advent International, who “would be on any headhunter’s retail CEO list.” (24/7 Wall Street)

Here Come The China Vultures: “Encouraged by sinking stateside valuations, a delegation of up to 600 Chinese entrepreneurs will travel to North America in June on a state-organised “bottom fishing” tour, an organiser source said. The visitors, provincial governors and heads of large state-owned and private companies, will be trawling the market for distressed acquisition targets.” (Mergermarket)

Twittermania: Ok, so Connie already discussed the madness that is Twitterwatching these days. But here are two more to add to your reading list:
All you need to know to Twitter.
-Political correspondent Jeff Greenfield apparently said: “I don’t masturbate in public, and I don’t Twitter.”

New Hiring Is Robust: “Who is hiring? Hospitals, colleges, discount stores, restaurants and municipal public works departments.” (NY Times)

Don’t Get Excited: KKR’s deal for Oriental Brewery is an exception, not the start of the return of big buyouts. (WSJ)

So Many Distractions: The Science of Concentration. (NY Times)

Like A Virus: The pension investigation is spreading to other states. (NY Times)

Proof: PE-backed IPOs are outperforming others. (WSJ)

All In a Days Work: Chuck Norris has saved a bakery. (Couriermail)

Dirt on Flowers: In reference to J.C. Flowers’s involvement in bank investing, an NY Times columnist had this to say: “If you’ve had a nagging feeling that the banking mess is a colossal raw deal for taxpayers, consider the suspicion confirmed.” (NY Times)