peHUB Second Opinion

Six tips, including recommendations to stay calm, to help weather the psychological strain of entrepreneurship.

Can you identify these 1990s hits by just their first second?

Alibaba’s large IPO is sailing through Washington with few bumps.

FTC claims Amazon unlawfully billed parents millions of dollars in unauthorized app purchases made by children

Unilever sells Slim-Fast brand to Kainos Capital. 

Don Sterling vows he will never sell the L.A. Clippers.

Marc Andreessen’s first six months on Twitter were epic.

A New York man visiting D.C. claims he was kidnapped by his Uber driver.

And NYC Taxi Commission says Lyft is not authorized in New York and drivers may be fined.

Goldman Sachs’ predictions model for the World Cup didn’t do so well.

Unbelievable. A polar vortex — like cold weather–is coming next week.

The first man to buy Marijuana legally in Washington says he was fired from his job. But his employer says its not true. And, the only medical marijuana researcher in the U.S. has also lost her job.