peHUB Second Opinion 5.31

Tumblr’s longtime creative director quits.

So does Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s director platform.

Wait, it’s an epidemic! Two years after Twitter acquired Tweetdeck, its founder, Ian Dodsworth, is also out the door to start “something new.”

A federal judge orders Google to comply with the FBI’s warrantless National Security Letter requests for user details, despite ongoing concerns about their constitutionality.

Justin Timberlake’s bestie Timbaland is now an angel investor.

Rumor has it that Apple might launch an ad exchange.

The SAC case tests a classic dilemma.

A Boston-based company, Altaerosm, has developed a new wind power generator in the form of a giant balloon.

WorldPay’s PE owners, Bain Capital and Advent International, just canceled the auction of the company’s U.S. unit. is crowdfunding to help consumers buy chickens responsibly. For reals.

Archer Ltd gets pranked during its first-quarter earnings call. (“Yes, this is Bruce Wayne, and I have a question for the CFO.”)

Fantastic, rare color footage of NYC in 1939.

Awesome documentary. Worth watching this weekend.

Image: Coffee cups with Google logos are seen at the new Google office in Toronto, November 13, 2012. REUTERS/Mark Blinch