peHUB Second Opinion 5.8

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey has been filming himself (and his toothpick) all over San Francisco.

Groupon beat Wall Street’s revenue expectations in the first quarter.

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling could be out of jail by 2017, ten years sooner than originally expected.

U.S. citizens are ditching their passports in record numbers over taxes.

Here’s what $5 million buys in housing markets around the U.S.

AOL shares sink after the company posts another loss on its content group.

Union Square Ventures, SV Angel and others just provided Bitcoin startup Coinbase with $5 million in funding.

What BMC Software’s $6.9 billion buyout means.

Where Google search is going.

San Francisco revokes an ordinance that would have required cell phone retailers to warn consumers about potentially dangerous radiation levels.

Oh, the things you see at a Las Vegas hedge fund confab.

Photo: A man uses an Apple iPhone in Santa Monica, California August 24, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni