peHUB Second Opinion

Google and Games: Google, which hasn’t made much headway in social networking, is looking to use games like Slide and Jambool to compete in the sector.

BP Invests $3 Bln: British Petroleum, which is receiving much  nicer press now, has made an initial $3 billion deposit into the $20 billion spill recovery fund.

Web Proposal: Google and Verizon called on legislators to enact laws to prevent Internet carriers from blocking web sites or selectively delaying access to content common on the Internet.

Big Tummies and Death: Men and women with more fat on their waistline have a higher risk of dying. So put down that doughnut.

Making Drugs Legal: Vincente Fernandez, Mexicos’ ex-president, said that country should legalize drugs to stop the rising cartel violence.

Another Health Auction: Air Medical is receiving bids from Bain Capital and Warburg Pincus.

Detroit Pistons Bid: Michael Ilitch, who owns the Little Ceasars Pizza chain as well as professional baseball and ice hockey teams, wants to buy the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

Wash AG Settlement: Washington Attorney General is expected to announce Tuesday a settlement with an Internet company. TechCrunch hopes its Intellius.