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peHUB Second Opinion 5.11

Madoff Junkies: Behind the banks and asset managers which lost money, some names appear again and again. (Dealzone)

Start Worrying: Infrastructure isn’t taking off like it should, PE pros say. (Dealscape)

Happy Mothers Day: And by the way, when it comes to investing, women feel it is much more important than men did to avoid incurring large losses, falling below a target rate of return and acting on incomplete information. (WSJ)

Operational Shift: No surprise that this private equity survey reveals a shift to operational performance improvement for buyout firms. (Roland Berger)

Debunks: This article, titled “Seven reasons why the business world hates social media,” is much more constructive and worthwhile than the inflammatory title suggests. (Visionary Marketing)

Nassim Taleb: What does the Black Swan doom-monger himself invest in? (Crossing Wall Street)

Hey Geithner, We Got a Job For Your Mother: SNL pokes fun at the stress tests (video below)