peHUB Second Opinion 5.12

Get Funded: What types of innovation and invention might attract funding dollars in the downturn? (BusinessWeek)

Vindication: The FT points to the secondary market issues we’ve been writing about, including negative premiums. They’ve called private equity a “trap,” but didn’t allude to the real trap (US safe harbor laws). (FT)

Tax Man: How Obama’s tax plan hurts private equity-and we don’t mean carried interest, we’re talking about debt. (Deal Journal)

Stock Analysis: TPG made money on J. Crew, did you? (Investopedia)

Get Ready For Some Capital Calls: M&A is coming back, but that doesn’t mean distributions. LPs can start freaking out now. (Reuters) Alongside that story is a Factbox of PE funds that have recently closed that are probably raring to start investing. (Reuters)

Teaching: 10 tips from private equity for public companies. (Livemint)

Taking Stock: Of the latest venture funds to get going. The Deal finds that many of them are early stage. (The Deal)

Success Stories: Eight people who are happy they got canned. (Mental Floss)