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peHUB Second Opinion 5.13

It Begins: Oregon plans to use the New York pension fund scandal as a way to push back on fees it pays to buyout funds and placement agents. (Oregon Business News)

In Denial? Despite reports to the contrary (FT), Eversheds does not believe there will be an ‘exodus” of investors from private equity. “The private equity industry has been around for over 50 years and as such will not be materially impacted by the relatively small number of Limited Partners (LPs) that are likely to withdraw from the private equity space.” (Eversheds)

The World is Not Flat: Cross border deals are more often disastrous than not, Dealzone suggests. Chrysler and Fiat are about to find out. (Dealzone)

Meanwhile: Public PE investors are showing signs of confidence. (Financial News)

First! While Blackstone and KKR have basically said they want nothing to do with PPIP, reports show that Blackrock and PIMCO will be the first to take part. (CNBC)

AIG: The firm needs three years to overhaul itself. (Dealbook)

MBA 2.0: “Business schools can remain vital in the years ahead-if they reinvent themselves as intellectual hubs that tackle big problems.”(BW)

Speaking of MBAs: Dealbreaker suggests we “Blow A Sad Trombone For Business Schools Across The Country.” (Dealbreaker)

Oversimplification: What type of CEOs make money for investors? Is it “Cheetahs”? Or is it “Lambs”? (My Venture Pad)

Wall Street Reform: “Obama and Barney Frank want a financial “supercop.” Senator Chris Dodd has other ideas.” (Mother Jones)

Missed the Boat: Did private equity miss out on the best PIPE opportunities? (VC Circle)

Listen Up: Radio interview with Kevin Delbridge on Harbourvest’s view of VC FOF investing. (Red Herring)