peHUB Second Opinion 5.25.10

Carried interest: A reminder that VCs are likely to just take their marbles and go home.

Movie derivatives: I think they’re a bad idea. Felix Salmon disagrees. I break it down some more.

Greece: The IMF leaves a note on the refrigerator reminding Greece to clean up its economy.

Google: Its secret ad recipe.

Microsoft: Its X-Box masterminds are out the door.

Liquidity: Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack says that the time for hard assets is surely coming.

Washington Mutual: The bank may have already settled with the FDIC, but shareholders are still upset. They want JP Morgan investigated.

Leveraged loans: As we warned two weeks ago, European turmoil is wrecking pricing and closing the market off.

Cautionary tales: A London hedge fund went from $5 billion to $300 million in size in two years. It appears to be still in business, though.

Mayor Bloomberg: All about funding New York startups.

IPOs: Frank Quattrone says the market is waiting for a “category-defining, earth-shaking IPO“. Remember when he used to crank three of those out before breakfast?

BP: A snarky fake Twitter feed parodying the company’s alleged cluelessness: insanely popular.

Newspapers: All those that were supposed to die off did not actually do so. Old-media investors take heart. Right? Right?