peHUB Second Opinion 5.3

Fat Cat Homes: Yes, in a cheap but effective pageview grab, Business Insider has detailed the 15 most expensive homes owned by bankers in Manhattan. Let the populist rage begin! (BI) To skip to Steve Schwarzman’s $30 million home, which includes 11 fireplaces, 37 rooms, 43 closets, a gym, sauna, steam room, pool room, screening room and servant’s quarters, click here. There’s also Steve Feinberg’s Egyptian mansion.

Hmm: Goldman Sachs clients are preparing to sever ties. (All except Blackstone…) (Independent)

Continental and United Complete Each Other: The gushy conference call and press release from the “merger of equal” airlines was a little too Jerry Maguire for Deal Journal. (DJ) Also, the deal was prompted by jealousy?

Email Battles: Wall Street Defender versus Wall Street Antagonist.

Groundbreaking Research: Bullies still pick on fat kids. In other research news, there is still no cure for cancer. (U.S. News & World Report)

Further Proof the Internet is a Glorified Porn Vehicle? Shared Facebook links are 90% more likely to be shared if they have something to do with sex. (Mashable)

College Students Slacking More: According to this study. The comments on this post raise some interesting theories as to why this is the case… (Marginal Revolution)