peHUB Second Opinion 5.5

Newsweek On The Block: Jon Meacham, the magazine’s publisher, may buy the magazine. (WSJ) Also, Business Insider has somewhat insultingly (or not?) bid $1 for the title. (Business Insider)

Taking Full Responsibility: Jimmy Cayne, an adult, blamed “market forces” for Bear Stearns’ collapse. (Bloomberg)

Don’t Want an MBA? Here are some business school alternatives. (FINS)

Suit Happy: CalPERS is free to sue S&P silly. (Dealbook)

The $2.3 Trillion Garage Sale: Can the Fed unload all the assets it acquired during the meltdown without crashing Wall Street again? (Slate)

Inside-Out Succession Planning: Arguments about internal vs. external CEO succession have it backward. (Businessweek)

Robert F. Kennedy: Sex, Lies and Oil Spills. (HuffPo)

Standing Ovation Watch: You can see how Lloyd Blankfein’s approval and attitudes toward Goldman have shifted in the past two weeks based on interest in Mr. Blankfein’s standing ovation from peers. (FT Alphaville)