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peHUB Second Opinion

Red Lobster’s comeback plan includes more lobster.

A BofA banker was charged with murdering two women in Hong Kong.

Dark matter may have eaten several missing pulsars in the galaxy.

Britain’s electronic spying agency, GCHQ, accuses US technology companies of aiding terrorists.

Happy National Sandwich Day!

R.I.P. Tom Magliozzi, one of the hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk.”

Now Christian Bale won’t be playing Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin-written movie.

The Apple Watch is scheduled to launch in the Spring.

Taylor Swift has removed all of her albums from Spotify. We are so crushed.

Google rolls out a redesign of its Gmail app that supports non-Gmail accounts. 

Airports are testing a scanner that lets you bring a bottle of water through security.

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