peHUB Second Opinion 5.7

Parting Gifts: Anyone want to get me this tent for my travels, which refers to as an “ugly shitpile”? It’s only $50,000. I kid. (Backcountry)

Green Eggs and Ham: David Rubenstein claims he reads six to eight books per week on international flights. That’s less impressive when you learn Rubenstein’s favorite author is Dr. Seuss. (Washington Post)

Job Report: Jobs are back! So is unemployment. (Felix Salmon)

Porn Company Has Plan to Stop SEC Time-Wasting: Starting on May 5, new customers who sign up using a ‘.gov’ email address will be given a free two-week trial to the company’s flagship subscription website Pink Visual Pass, provided that the workers only use the site between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.” Anyone who signs up will be denied access if they try to log on during the day.

The Secret Cult of Office Smokers: Ostracized by their peers, smokers are taking advantage of their time together (Businessweek)

Elevation Partners: With Bono on board, Roger McNamee’s firm was the first celebrity private equity outfit. Now the founders are struggling to prove their model makes sense. (Businessweek)

Private inequity: Investors push for more favourable fees and terms, and get them. (Economist)