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peHUB Second Opinion 5.8

Yikes Did Sun Microsystems violate bribery laws? (WSJ)

It’s Back!
High yield debt is at a 2-year high this week. (Thomson Reuters)

Illiquid: One investor’s struggle with that whole ten-year lock-up period thing. (Seeking Alpha)

Here’s a Switch: An exec leaves PE for banking. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around? (Deal Journal)

Bold Words: But not surprising that a Twitter backlash (a Twit-lash? Bad joke…) would happen soon enough. Dealscape writes that Twitter, like Skype, is overhyped.

PE in the UAE: How Arif Naqvi, Founder and Group Chief Executive of Abraaj Capital will change the course of private equity. (Business 24/7)

Magazine Cover Curse: I know Dan already linked to the BusinessWeek cover story on private equity, but I would like to add one tiny bone of contention-the story leads with that Boston Consulting Group study stating 40% of all private equity firms will go away, etc etc. But I thought we, and pretty much everyone, dismissed that study as inflammatory and far-fetched six months ago. Why are we still talking about it? (BW)

Continued Unrest: European alternative asset managers do not, I repeat, do not, want to register. (FT)