peHUB Second Opinion

The SEC has moved to dismiss insider-trading charges against man accused of profiting from privileged information tied to Herbalife.

For entrepreneurs: How to price your company for a fundraise.

Blocking AT&T from buying T-Mobile has been great for consumers but operators are hurting.

HBO GO is now available on Amazon Fire TV.

What’s up Cerberus? Families of victims killed at Sandy Hook are suing the maker of the Bushmaster assault rifle.

Facebook now has an “empathy team” to help engineers and designers understand what it’s like to be a user, and calls users “people.”

France will ban Uber in 2015.

Last week, the SEC approved Terra Tech Corp., which cultivates, distributes and sells pot, to raise $6.8 mln.

Sony Pictures demands that media outlets, like the New York Times, stop disclosing information from the computer hack.

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