peHUB Second Opinion 6.20

Instagram launches video sharing, and one of its features will reduce wobbling in the clips its users take.

Silicon Valley and the NSA: They’re far cozier than you likely imagined.

Carl Icahn takes to Twitter.

Pirate Bay’s cofounder gets two years in prison.

Google concedes that its crazy interview questions were a complete waste of time.

The world’s most profitable spy agency? Booz Allen.

The six biggest fights taking place on Wall Street right now.

Clearwire to shareholders:Dish Network is okay, but let’s go with Sprint Nextel instead.

Check out these cool houses that can be flipped and folded into an 18-wheeler.

Study: 80 percent of waking hours spent plotting revenge. Mmmmwhahahahahahahaha.

Photo: People walk past a Sprint store in New York December 17, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly