peHUB Second Opinion 6.26

Facebook’s 51st employee spills all in a memoir about her five years at the company.

In tough times, private equity saves jobs, argues attorney Richard Farley.

Anxious News Corp. editors arrive in New York to discuss splitting off the company’s publishing assets.

Meanwhile, the WSJ fires a Yale-educated intern for fabricating sources.

Looks like U.S. regulators are coming after Harbinger’s Phil Falcone.

Best Buy considers going private.

Does Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have political ambitions? Some speculate she might.

TroublesVille? Investors appear underwhelmed by the new titles that social game maker Zynga’s announced today at a San Francisco event.

Why next week, when you’re grilling out, you should spiral cut your hot dog. For real.

Photo: Image courtesy of Shutterstock.