peHUB Second Opinion 6.6

The dirty secrets of the country’s very worst charities.

If you think this Verizon business is bad:  U.S. intelligence has been mining data from Google, Facebook, Apple and six other U.S. Internet companies since 2007.

Speaking of surprises: Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the National Security Agency.

It’s back (again): NY courts approve Uber, Hailo, green taxis in one fell swoop.

The real reason that Google Reader was given the axe.

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek leads the cheapest, happiest company in the world.

Apple is starting a program this month to allow users to trade their older iPhones for the newest model.

Blackstone Group and a partner have agreed to acquire Brazilian developer Alphaville Urbanismo for about $1 billion.

How the robots lost: high-frequency trading’s rise and fall.

Some pivot! Hookup app Tinder wants to shift into business networking.

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his wife of 30 years have called it kaput-in. (Sorry.)

Photo: Visitors try the iPhone at an Apple Store in Beijing March 28, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon