peHUB Second Opinion

2014 was the year of the Billion Dollar Club in Silicon Valley. Here are the top 15 startups.

Here is Aura, the wireless Xmas lights that my cat can’t destroy that easily.

North Korea’s Internet has been hacked and collapses.

But China says there is no evidence North Korea was responsible for the hack on Sony Pictures.

Dov Charnery, American Apparel’s founder who was ousted, is nearly broke and homeless.

Irving Place Capital’s offer of up to $1.40 a share for American Apparel is way to low, board says.

R.I.P. Joe Cocker. 

Google says its self-driving car is now fully functional.

A court in Argentina rules that a captive orangutan is a “non-human person” that has been unlawfully deprived of its freedom.

Private equity is boosting its investment in Caribbean resorts.

Facebook shares hit a  high of $81.88 today.

U.S. home resales tumbled to a six-month low in November.

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