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peHUB Second Opinion 6.1

HIPOs: As a follow-up to Tim Draper’s “prublic” idea, here’s another IPO-alternative, the Hybrid IPO. (Bloomberg)

Really, It’s Bad Over There: The finger pointing over NY’s pension fund’s performance is flaring. (Dealbook)

“You’re a Disgrace:” That’s what Mike Bloomberg told a reporter who dare question his run for a third term, now that the economy is showing signs of recovery. (Clusterstock)

Michael Moore: He’s got some ideas for the future of General Motors. (Michael Moore)

Buyout Bust Living Dead: Catterton Partners’ failed investment in Archway & Mother’s Cookie continues to haunt it. “Archway’s failure also raises questions about how some private-equity shops operate. When they acquire broken companies, the firms pledge to use their financial, strategic and operational expertise to fix them. The firms receive management fees from their portfolio companies while also charging investors – large institutions and pension funds – fees for managing their money.” (New York Times)

C Suite Tweets: The low-down on CEO twitterers (which ones are real, which ones have ghost-tweeters? (BusinessWeek)

Media Psychology: The way we consume and respond to social media. (Marc Cuban)