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peHUB Second Opinion 6.15

Fox Business: Not doing so hot. Not so surprising. (24/7 Wall Street)

A Very, Very Thorough Liveblog: Huntsman Vs. Hexion, summarized, bottom-up. (Deal Professor)

At Least Someone Did: Dell’s making money from Twitter! (Bits)

Lessons from the Meltdown: Rubenstein predicts that the U.S. economy will emerge from what he called “the great recession” at the end of this year or early next year. (BW)

Meanwhile: Carlyle is setting its sights on the banks, with Sarkozy in the driver’s seat. (WaPo)

Graphics: The largest bankruptcies in history. (Good)

Or Lack Thereof: Michael Lewis On The Transformation Of Wall Street (Clusterstock)

Like Magazines? Then don’t read this. (The Deal)

PPIP Not Dead Yet: So writes Shasha Dai. (WSJ)

Celebrate: Stocks are back to fair value. (According to this guy)