peHUB Second Opinion 6.16

Intervention: The US State Department has asked Twitter not to undergo its planned service upgrade during the daytime hours in Tehran, and Twitter decided to delay the upgrade. (Reuters)

Wall Street Gets Poetic: A hedge funder has penned a poem titled, “Green Shoots.” Read it at Deal Journal.

Is the SEIU To Blame? The villain in the remake of “The Taking of Pelham 123” is a private equity pro! It’s a change from the original 70s version, since private equity wasn’t exactly around then.  (Dow Jones)

Queens University B-School: Looking for more team players less divas. (BusinessWeek)

Remember MBOs? What about FMBOs (Former Management Buyouts)? The former CEO of Children’s Place Ezra Dabah (ousted in 2007 because of violating conduct codes) is still trying to buy the company. What about the children? (Dealbook)

Don’t Be A Hero: Buying distressed companies, from a strategic point of view, doesn’t look like such a smart idea, according to this data. (Reuters)

New Players: JPMorgan is now raising money for the secondary market as well. (AltAssets)

Looking for Work? Go to Australia, where investment bankers are once again a hot commodity. (Reuters)

Peter Schiff on The Daily Show: (via Paul Kedrosky)

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