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peHUB Second Opinion 6.22

See you back here in a week!

Claw it Back: The NY Post is pretty sure Apollo will be paying a few clawbacks in the coming quarters.  (NY Post)

Give Bankruptcy A Chance: Bear Stearns should have been allowed to go bankrupt. (Weekly Standard via Clusterstock)

Green Shoot Myself In The Head: CNBC Europe is “sick” of the phrase green shoots. (Clusterstock) Who isn’t? Even Maria Bartiromo is backpedaling on her gushing use of the phrase.

Bank of AMerrilca: Bank of America Merrill Lynch has launched its new branding campaign, with the horrible tagline, “Signed, Sealed and Delivering.” Merrill’s famous bull logo is out (with apologies I’m sure to the Merrill Lifers who had it etched into their hot tubs and pruned into their gardens). (Dealscape)

Zero Hedge: Libor is useless. (ZH)

Blackberry Manners: Learn ‘em. (NY Times)

Buddies: Bill Gross, you know the guy who manages money-losing Pimco funds? Well Tim Geithner has him on speed dial. (NY Times)