peHUB Second Opinion 6.23

So much time, so little to do: Unemployment may be rising but Americans are frittering away the extra moments.

No new car this year: Ford Motor Co. says the U.S. auto market is flat-lining this year because consumers are reluctant to make big purchases.

Goldman cares, they really do: Goldman Sachs is bending over backwards to show clients they care and bribing them with sushi.

GM readies IPO: General Motors Co is planning to file a statement outlining its plan for a public offering of its stock in July for a listing that could raise up to $20 billion.

Focusing on banks: Private equity firms are looking to invest in small banks. Who knew?

The best, best buy: Morgan Stanley has come out with a list of most attractive private equity targets. Yes, BP is on there.

Phil Jackson retiring: Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson is leaning toward retirement, but will wait until next week to make his final decision.