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peHUB Second Opinion 6.3

The Tale Of Two Buyouts: Further evidence of “how private equity groups are struggling to keep control of companies bought during the credit bubble and providing clues on whether they will succeed.” (FT)

Buyout Books: Towerbrook Capital doubled its money on its investment in celebrity show company Jimmy Choo. Now there’s a book that details how the small couture business rose to become an “international sensation.” (WSJ)

Backing into it: WSJ breaks down just how big of a deal Delphi is for Platinum Equity: Platinum recently closed on a $2.75 billion private-equity fund. Typically a buyout fund will invest no more than 15% of a fund into a single deal, so not to concentrate its risk. Using that benchmark, Platinum’s maximum capital commitment would be about $413 million. (WSJ)

Won’t Refi Again: Debt refinancings on buyout-owned companies are hitting a brick wall. (DJ)

Bankers in Low Wage Jobs? How mortifying. “Carlos Araya used to order lobster, filet mignon and $200 bottles of red wine at the Palm Restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Now, he seats customers at its Tribeca branch.” (WSJ)

Ponzis: Ever Do Business With WM Private Equity? I Hope Not… The firm’s CEO was indicted in a $17 million Ponzi scheme. (Baltimore Sun)

Aw, Tim Geithner has been laughed at by Chinese students and he can’t sell his house. Tough day.

Green Shoots? Distressed debt performed well in 2009. (Reuters)

SPAC Attack: Could the Florida Panthers do a SPAC? (Dealzone)

Duck Wars: Can you claim IP rights on a kazoo sound? Apparently. (NY Times)

Cell Phone Elbow: A New Ill for the Wired Age: Cubital tunnel syndrome results from prolonged flexing of the elbow, experts say. (BW)

Gentle Reminders: How Not to Get Laid Off. (BW)