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peHUB Second Opinion 6.4

Bummer: How does the busted Rio-Chinalco deal hurt Blackstone Group? As advisors to the deal, they drop nine spots on global M&A ranking without it. (Deal Journal)

Made Up His Mind: Roberto Cavalli finally decided to sell a stake to a buyout firm. (WSJ)

This is a Problem: Dennis Berman does the math on the U.S. taxpayers’ investment in GM and concludes that, short of a magic trick, we won’t be getting that money back. Pretty much ever. (WSJ)

Reviews: Here’s an in-depth review of Pete Peterson’s new memoir. (Reuters)

MBA Report: “In year of unprecedented market downturn, seniors flee finance and consulting for education and health.” (Harvard Crimson)

Blogging About Blogging About Blogging: Hedge fund managers just want to be loved. Somehow, I doubt that applies to private equity as well. (Curious Capitalist)

Goodbye, Megadeals: Jim Leech isn’t optimistic they’ll ever come back. (Bloomberg)