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peHUB Second Opinion 6.5

Book Smart vs. Street Smart: “White-collar fugitives often fail to escape the law because of what prosecutors and bounty hunters say is a lack of preparation for the rigors of life on the lam.” Brilliant. (Bloomberg)

Showdown!!! Venture Capitalists are about to turn in private equity players: “The venture capital industry is gearing up to fight against raising the tax on carried interest. A key battle is differentiating itself from the private equity industry.” (Bits)

Rate Shopping: The nerve. Moody’s is complaining that TALF is causing issuers to “shop” for credit-ratings, or seek the highest ratings with the lowest standards, according to Moody’s Corp. (Bloomberg)

Forced Default: Clear Channel’s lenders want a forced default. Ouch. (FT)

Closer Look: “The Worrying Wall of Debt” (The Deal)

Movie Stars: They’ve casted a man to play Bernie Madoff in an upcoming movie. (Cityfile)

Clean + Hot: Further to our previous discussion of Cleantech, there’s another study claiming the same thing: It’s still hot. (FINalternatives)

Speaking of Hot: Remember when payday loan businesses were hot? Now in some states they’re running up against regulators. (Financial News)

VC Revolving Door: Not since the dot-com bust has the industry experienced as much turnover as it is now. (NT Times)

Do CEOs Matter? The Atlantic Monthly Asks: “Very successful private equity funds typically install new CEOs as part of investments predicated on improving corporate performance.  So are most institutional shareholders, Boards, the federal government and private equity funds suckers?” (Atlantic Monthly)

Plugs: Paul Kedrosky really likes the book Nerds on Wall Street. (Infectious Greed)

Also: Kedrosky on SWF repayments: “Back in the late 19th century Peru was repaying its debt obligation in guano proceeds — shit in short.” (Infectious Greed)

Aww: Being unemployed is hurting guys’ chances in the dating world. Stop the presses. (AP)