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peHUB Second Opinion 6.8

Wilbur Ross on The Auto Industry: “Wilbur Ross sees trouble for suppliers who will need to restart parts production after Chrysler LLC and General Motors exit bankruptcy.” (Auto News)

ARRR: finds evidence of pirates in SEC filings. (Freeseas)

Barry Ritholtz: How to fix financial television. (The Big Picture)

Run! Two senior partners have left Cerberus. (Reuters)

Run Away! Another trader is on the lam. (Reuters)

The Go Shop That Went Somewhere: “Barclays‘ seemingly never-ending effort to get top dollar for its Barclays Global Investors unit appears to be enticing some Middle East money behind the current best bid from U.S. fund manager BlackRock.” (Reuters)

What Recession? Crocodile skin Hermes bags are in such high demand that the company has its own crocodile farm to make purses. It takes four entire crocodiles to make one bag. (Reuters)

Beta Culture Versus Perfection: On Journalism and blogging. (BuzzMachine)

High Yield Back: “The European high-yield bond market, a key source of funding for the leveraged buyout industry, is gradually reopening.” (WSJ)

Counterintuitive: CalPERS is increasing its private equity investments. (Reuters)