peHUB Second Opinion 7.26

A reporter figures out how to see and control all the smart devices in a complete stranger’s home.

Zynga shares sink nearly 20 percent, as investors absorb its latest news.

KKR’s second quarter earnings plunge.

How we really feel about social networks

Google’s Chromecast versus Apple’s AirPlay.

The New Yorker’s perfect cover, featuring Anthony Weiner.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t care what you think about Amazon’s quarterly earnings.

Can prosecutors succeed in forcing SAC’s Steve Cohen to give up billions of dollars of assets?

How public equities and misdesigned CEO compensation schemes are killing the U.S. economy.

A sleepy koala sneezing!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Photo: The corporate logo of Zynga Inc, the social network game development company, is shown at its headquarters in San Francisco, California April 26, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith