peHUB Second Opinion

* Looking for detailed info on the Clear Channel debt? FT-owned news service Debtwire has some detailed info on lead arranger Citigroup’s pricing.

* Anyone know what ever came of this case? It’s the 57-page collusion lawsuit against about 15 of the biggest LBO shops from February. You may remember, it even had a hilarious chart to outline how collusion happens, and several very shaky-at-best case studies. I thought we were done with this debate anyways, so I wonder if it just got thrown out.

I’m not saying I think firms don’t collude; in certain cases they certain benefit from clubbing up. I’m also not saying I think BIMBOs (buy-in management buyout) are always done in with the non-self-serving intentions. But good luck proving it. The Neiman Marcus example (whether it’s just poorly presented or based on little to no inside information) is particularly flimsy.

* Print and read this during your weekend travels. It’s IDD’s roundtable on the state of affairs. Some of it is old hat, some of it’s interesting. Read the first few pages, where there’s an in-depth discussion on structuring earn-outs. Skip the rest.