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peHUB Second Opinion 7.13

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow? Today was a rough news day for the already beat-up Sun Capital Partners. First, the Journal reported that Kellwood, its largest investment may file for bankruptcy. Then the Post reported that its second-largest investment, which already filed for bankruptcy, will lose an imperative deal because Sun Capital “starved the company of research dollars” under its ownership. Then we have this stinger: Sun Capital founder Marc Leder has seen his dirty laundry aired in the Palm Beach Post, which reports that his wife, who admits to having an affair with her tennis coach, wants more than the $100 million he has offered her in a settlement, claiming he is worth more than $400 million.

The New Criterion for MBA Admissions: Amid a tight MBA labor market, B-school admissions decisions increasingly hinge on applicants’ ability to land a job upon graduation. (BW)

McKinsey’s Cracked Crystal Ball: Its 2009 predictions about the future of private-equity and hedge funds might be as inaccurate as its 2007 predictions. (Moneybox)

Fundraising Gossip: Updates on some Australian funds from the Carried Interest blog… (CI)

Fundraising Facts: Apollo is raising $600 million for a Commercial Property REIT. (Bloomberg)

Deal Journal Asks: Ready to Call Bottom in the M&A Market? (Short answer: No.) (DJ)

Memes: Here’s that Cornell study on the way news travels (from blogs upwards or from papers downward?) (Cornell)

Goldmans “True Blood” Moment: Should Goldman Sachs save CIT? Will it? (Reuters)