peHUB Second Opinion 7.15

Well… Platinum Equity is not happy that the details of a sexual harassment case against it has been reported in the press. (San Diego Reader)

How Bad Is CIT’s Loan Portoflio? Bad, Michael Corkery writes. (Deal Journal)

Is Wells Fargo Suing Itself? Technically, yes. Wall Street Folly has the details on the case of Wells Fargo vs. Wells Fargo. (WSF)

Speaking of Wells Fargo: The San Francisco-based regional bank is rumored to be preparing to report second-quarter earnings well above market expectations. (dR)

JC Flowers has a headache: His potential investment in Shinsei has been no walk in the park. (FT)

Listen Up PE: Here are four common excuses from Social Media Skeptics (Marketing Mystic)

Side hustles: An ex-Bear Stearns official is killing it at the world series of poker. (Bloomberg)

Take-Downs: Jon Stewart on Lenny Dykstra (and Jim Cramer):

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