peHUB Second Opinion 7.23

Buyout Firms Like Old Media? OpenGate Capital (you know, the firm that bought TV Guide without is participating in the auction for BusinessWeek (BusinessWeek)

Damage Control: Brynnwood Partners and portfolio company Stella D’Oro just wants to say that it is not the evil force behind the conflicts between Stella D’Oro and its union. (Businesswire)

FYI: The rotation and orbit of planet Earth is powered by the continuous pronouncement (by private equiteers) that private equity only invests in the best management teams. (Private Equiteer)

Studies: Europe doesn’t really have a “hotbed of innovation” like Silicon Valley. How is innovation connected to private equity ownership there? (Financierworldwide)

The Next Wave of IPOs in Live Sciences: There is a fundamental shift in licensing and transaction activity between earlier stage life sciences firms and strategic buyers, i.e., “Big Pharma.” (Mark-to-Market)

Yeah: GE did offer money to CIT. CIT did not want this money. (Bloomberg)

More Buyout Fraud: AA Capital Partners of Chicago has seen its investment manager, John A. Orecchio, charged with fraud. (Chicago Breaking News)