peHUB Second Opinion 7.27

Take-Downs: The New York Post puts a hit on Sun Capital Partners. Not once, but twice in one issue.

When Wasn’t Friendster For Sale? (I mean, ever since the social networking site turned down its first ever buyout offer and realized it wasn’t getting another…) Either way, TechCrunch has obtained (perhaps in an attempt by Friendster’s I-bankers Morgan Stanley to drum up some bids) Friendster’s official marketing materials aimed at potential Asian suitors. (TechCrunch)

The New Joblessness: The U.S. economy is not only shedding jobs at a record rate; it is shedding more jobs than it is supposed to. (NYT)

Surprise! A buyout firm actually write its portfolio up this quarter! (Reuters)

Buffet’s Cartoon: The “Secret Millionaires Club” is the title of a new cartoon staring the Oracle of Omaha, in which Buffett’s cartoon likeness … dispenses investment advice to a motley crew of kids from Omaha. (Deal Journal)

PE Bailout: Who knew the reviled and demonized private equity kings would be offered a government bailout… from Hungary. (FT)

Breaking Down the Debate: Is the recession over? Zerohedge thinks that’s a definitive “no” and argues strongly enough to stop the debate for awhile. (Zero Hedge)

Stuff You Probably Knew: Fortune explores why private equity is in a deep freeze. (Fortune) However, the video that accompanies this is a bit entertaining, in it, a CNN reporter interviews PE pro Neal Aronson from inside a fast food restaurant the firm owns.