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peHUB Second Opinion 7.7

Ouch: Ohio’s state “rainy-day” money has dwindled from $1 billion to 89 cents. (WaPo)

So its true: Or at least appears that way. Companies file bad news on holidays. (Footnoted)

Why the SBA’s New Loan Program Stinks: It’s tough to qualify for this $35,000 offer unless you’re in immediate danger. (BW)

Yikes: Now bankers, once the target market for some alcohol ads, are the butt of the joke. (Streetwise)

Pope Speaks: He says the economic system is showing the effects of sin. (NY Times)

Trust AIG: In case you missed ‘em back in October, here are some now-ironic old AIG ads. (Clusterstock)

Five Year Low: PE Real estate fundraising looks just as crappy as vanilla buyout fundraising. (Reuters)

Random Facts: There are only four closed-door phone booths standing in Manhattan apparently. (Cityfile)

C&T (Cap & Trade) + M&A = Some are speculating that the measure could help deal-making as well as the environment. (Dealbook)

Bankslaughter: Or is it Bank’s Laughter, as one commenter points out? (Felix Salmon)

A Second(ary) Chance for Venture Capital: Troubled VCs need to rethink how long they invest in startups. (BW)

On Distressed Debt Exchanges: It’s the dance that’s sweeping the nation! Or something… (Deal Journal)