peHUB Second Opinion 8.29

Lots of big news in storage this week. Violin Memory files for a $172.5 million IPO. Meanwhile, Pure Storage disclosed today that it has raised $150 million from T. Rowe, Tiger and Fidelity in its run-up to an IPO. Nimble storage is also reportedly planning an IPO soon.. My big question: When is Cloudera going to go IPO?

Some very cool news today in the San Francisco Bay Area. A little behind other cities, but today marks the launch of the Bay Area Bike Share program in six area cities. The idea is that it will be most beneficial for Caltrain and other transit users, but I could see taking one to get around downtown for meetings. You have to hand it to the organizers for their timing, as the Bay Bridge closed last night to make way for the new eastern span, set to open after the Labor Day weekend on Tuesday morning. I hear the traffic was messy today.

3D printers, 3D movies. 3D photos. And next up, 3D calling from Skype. And, yes, Skype has really been around now for a decade. Happy Birthday to the VoIP company for making the world a smaller place.

Speaking of anniversaries, it’s been eight years since Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans is still rebounding.

Greylock Partners taps a former eBay exec to join as partner.

It’s time for an informal poll. Raised your hand if you have a stand up desk or are thinking about getting one. I’ve had my eye on a model that I want to buy for my home office called UpDesk. A little pricey. But this guy says a stand up desk made him more muscular. Seems like an infomercial. Still, I want to get one so I don’t feel stiff from sitting for so long every day. And here’s a recent story of how there’s real science behind standing up at work.

I wonder how many people “Googled” the name of “Amanda Rosenberg” today. The reason being is that she’s reportedly romatically involved with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who has split from his wife and 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki. ValleyWag reported that Brin, 40, was romantically involved with the 20-something Rosenberg. Here’s a CBS MarketWatch report, which includes a Glass video made by Rosenberg, a Glass marketing exec for Google.

I haven’t been to a wedding lately. But now that I know that a wedding charging station is the latest trend for when the happy couple ties the knot, there better be one at the next ceremony I attend or else I’m taking back the blender I bought. Oh, and I want to request a vegetarian meal, too. I know that’s bad manners, but here are some tips if ever you feel compelled to ask for the same.

I was at an open house last night for Next World Capital, which moved to a new office on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. I got to meet the French Youth America’s Cup team, which is sponsored by Next World Group, as they prepare for the race in San Francisco Bay next month. Nice group of guys and an amazing sport, which has nothing to do with soccer. (If you have any suggested links for a sailing novice like yours truly to follow the America’s Cup racing, then please let me know.)