peHUB Second Opinion 8.29

This is true. In the U.K., firemen were called to rescue a cow stuck in a tree.

Yelp shares surge as insiders hold onto shares.

Do Andreessen Horowitz  drive up valuations in deals they don’t even win?

Google hires Barclays to sell Motorola Mobility’s Home Business

President Obama is doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit

Does Mitt Romney really want to be president?

Silicon Valley boom has created a shortage of $1 mln homes.

In the U.K., Apple’s online store will have Apple Geniuses on hand to help you pick an iPhone. will start displaying birthday reminders.

Sergey Ovchinniko, who coached the women’s Russian volleyball team at the London Olympics, was found hanged.

Starving yourself may not help you live longer.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Brian Snyder